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  • O1: Assess the future developments related to the impact of generative AI and the next-generation social media on the domain of online disinformation and trust​
  • O2: Provide a set of content-driven services for disinformation detection and trust assessment in next generation social media​
  • O3: Provide a set of user-driven services dedicated to media professionals to support trusted information production using the emerging technologies​
  • O4: Co-design, demonstrate and evaluate innovative approaches and technologies with end users​
  • O5: Generate business and social impact in the information ecosystem

Areas of ambition​

InnovationTRL (Start)TRL (end)
Media Annotation and Management (MAAM) Platform57
Monant – Platform for Monitoring Online Environment46
Model Cards47
MeVer Deepfake detection service47
Verification of textual content through NLP46
Counter-narrative recommendation system46
Interactive AI Experience Spaces46
AI-driven Citizen Intelligent Coaching Services46


  1. STUDY! The first phase (M1-M12) is to study and analyse, together with media professionals, the impact, future evolutions, ethical, legal and social issues of disinformation.​
  2. WORK! The second phase (M12-24) consists of the design and implementation of new tools/services.
  3. IMPACT! The third phase (M24-M36) consists of experimentation and field validation of the developed tools and methodologies within specific use cases.

Key Features​


The AI-CODE consortium is well balanced in terms of capacity, expertise, business initiative, innovation potential,and geographical distribution. It comprises a set of carefully selected partners with complementary skills, creating a multidisciplinary team, and who have already been assigned clear duties. It is composed of 12 partners from 8 European countries (Belgium, Greece, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain) under the coordination of DST: 6 are research/university partners: CERTH (GR), EIPCM (DE), FBK (IT), KInIT (SK), RU (NL), UPM (ES); 3 are media professional partners: DW (DE), a Germany’s international broadcaster focusing on the verification of AI Tooling for Trusted Content scenario, DEB (LT), a debunker NGO focusing on the use of AI tools to discover potential influence operations faster scenario, EURACTIV (NL), a pan-European news website focusing on empowering journalists with Generative AI Interactive Coaching & Dynamic Simulation scenario; 2 are SMEs: DST (IT), ATC (GR), and 1 SSH, legal, and ethical expert partner: CEPS (BE). This interdisciplinary consortium is unmatched in their experience and ability to equip media professionals with the necessary tools and technologies to combat disinformation and produce trustworthy content.

CERTH – The Centre for Research & Technology​
FBK – Fondazione Bruno Kessler​
UPM – Universidad Politecnica De Madrid​
ATC – Athens Technology Center​
DW – Deutsche Welle​
KInIT – Kempelen Institute of Intelligent Technologies​
DEB – Debunk EU​
EIPCM – European Institute For Participatory Media e.V.​
RU – Stichting Radboud Universiteit​
EURACTIV – Euractiv Media Network B.V
CEPS – Centre For European Policy Studies